monthly cheese Box

Perfect for the vegan cheese lover!


Option 1

Cheese of the month

For the Cheese of the Month Box we find three or four spectacular and sometimes limited edition cheeses which we send out to you along with an accompaniment which might be a local jam or some fancy crackers. The content of this box will vary every month. 


Option 2

Riverdel Cheese Box

Our Riverdel Cheese Box consists of 4 of our house made cashew cheese; variations of our "Billy", which is creamy and light, and "Heinrich" our aged beer cheese. We also include a accompaniment such as jams or crackers.  All of the cheeses made in house are made with cashews.  


Please note that we ship our cheese boxes only once per month, usually around the 3rd week of each month since are a very small shop with limited space.  We send theses boxes only once a month so we have time to order enough cheese for this month selection or, in case of our house made cheese box, actually make the cheese!

Orders placed by the 15th of the month will be shipped the same month, any order placed after the 15th will ship out the following month! 

Cheese of the Month
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The Riverdel Cheese Box
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